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Students will be eager to learn about beavers with these lesson plans, crafts, activities, and more! 


Make Your Own Skydiving Beaver, grades K-5, cardstock beaver with (functional!) coffee-filter parachute. (Karin Thogersen, Huntley Area Public Library, Huntley, IL)

Beaver Catcher, grades 3-6, variation on the folded-paper “cootie catcher” or “fortune teller.” (Worth A Dam)

Beaver Crafts and Activities, grades PK-5, includes coloring pages and paper crafts. (DLTK’s Crafts for Kids) 

Beaver Ecology Lesson Plan, grades 2-8, includes “build-a-beaver” dress-up activity. (Upham Woods 4-H Environmental Education Center)

Beaver Ecology Newsletter, grades K-12, includes build- and-eat beaver dam activity. (EnviroKids’ Club, National Weather Service) 

Beaver Maze, grades K-3, printable maze activity. (

Beaver Puppet, grades K-5, paper-bag craft.  (Worth A Dam and Dugmore)

Beaver Science Curriculum, grades K-3, covers habits, habitat, stories, and beliefs about the beaver in Alaska. (Alaskan Native Knowledge Network) 

Junior Beaver Scientists, grades 3-5, group research activity. (Worth A Dam) 

Leave It to the Beavers, grades 6-12, covers beaver territories and scent markings, plus activity for identifying your own “territory.” (Glacier National Park) 

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